Sale with a lot of ATT 3B2 stuff

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Oct 28 13:31:24 CDT 2015

I know I'm a terrible person for saying this, but as a person who spent several 
years as a 3b2 admin for $WORK, and would like to be able to work with the 
operating system again, the sellers prices alone are enough for me to be happy 
for Seth's 3b2 emulator project, when ever it is complete enough for usage.

I finally found a new home for my Sun E4500 a few years back, a similar sized 
box to the 3b2 600G and 600GR systems I had administered in my earlier days. 
The E4500 generated so much heat my wife would only let me run it during the 
winter months.

Either way, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking.


On 10/28/15 03:01 AM, jwsmobile wrote:
> This is a representative auction by the vendor.  Look at all of his stuff for
> the whole story.
> The buyer of his Lisp Machine is going to be sad.  The vendor has broken off
> good to have spares and software for a working machine into separate auctions.
> Unlike the 3B2 stuff which is all parts. Not a nice thing to do if you are
> asking $9500 for the machine and only a few hundred more for the spares.  Spares
> such as mice, keyboard, and software restore tapes.  Nice.
> Thanks
> Jim

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