Microvax 3800 Soon to arrive

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 12:02:26 CDT 2015

Hello. I seem to be getting quite a big assortment of DEC equipment over
here as of late. Back in July I made a trip to Miami to pick up a PDP 11/34
with related equipment a while back and posted about it here on the list.
I'm still working on getting the power supply on the pdp 11 fixed but am
making good progress and learning a lot in the process. Recently a deal
popped up on a microvax 3800 that was too good to pass up so I jumped at
the chance to get it and it is on it's way to being shipped here.

I have never dealt with any Vax hardware before. The closest I've been to
one is running a simulation of a machine in the simh emulator. Is there any
special hardware I will need to get this up and running? I have a couple of
VT 100 terminals that go with the pdp 11 that should work nicely with the
Vax. Is there anything a beginner with such hardware should look out for? I
would like to try and disconnect the power supply and test it separately if
possible to save myself the headache I experienced with the PDP 11.
Any suggestions or other info much appreciated.


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