Scan of tape pile for Sun system

jwsmobile jws at
Tue Oct 27 02:43:44 CDT 2015

I recently got hands on what is supposed to be a Sun 4/260. INcluded are 
about 150 QIC tapes or so.

I've gotten the fifty or so with labels scanned (labels on the tapes) so 
far and will make up a list soon.

A lot of them have broken rubber bands, but the few that I could move by 
hand moved w/o indicating that the tape media was bad.  I'm assuming all 
the rubber bands are shot.

Anyway the labels make them seem worthwhile.

Highlights are Ciprico Rimfire 3500 and Interphase drivers.  There seems 
to be one set of Sunbin 3.0 tapes in the pile.  So far the other release 
sets are incomplete.  The second tape has 3 out of 5 tapes, but at least 
includes the boot tape.

Also a driver for TTI vme bus (not sure what that is).  AnDaTaco Optical 
disk drivers.  Perfect Byte EXB-8200 SCSI driver.

There are also compilers for C (Mercury), and for Fortran (Sun) . Also 

Sorry for the bloated pdf. posted it for the impatient.  You may have to 
download it to view it at all, 54mb right now.  I will transcribe a full 
list of all of the tapes I have in ascii form in the next few days, but 
wanted to get opinions on whether this already exists somewhere else.


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