PROMs and EPROMs, specifically 2332/2532/2732

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Mon Oct 26 18:12:04 CDT 2015

On 26/10/2015 17:09, "John Robertson" <jrr at> wrote:

> Hi Adrian,
> Perhaps one final test for your 2332s is to do a Diode Test on the pins
> relative to the ground pin (pin 12) and Vcc pin (24). These should sow
> either open or something like 0.6 or higher voltage drop across the pins
> - exchange the probes to check both directions.

I'll make up a small wiring harness that'll let me do that, it'll give me
something to do while I'm waiting for my lady to ring :)
> If your gates all read OK (check between Vcc and GND as well!), then it
> might be that the brand of 2332 you have simply draws more current than
> your programmer likes. What brand is the PROM? Perhaps it is in one of
> our reference book libraries...

They're all stock MOS 2332 PROMs used in every CBM PET. Mike's already
linked to the archive and tonight I've successfully burnt the 8032-flavour
PETTEST.BIN so my programmer is happy with Ti 2532JL EEPROMS that I
liberated from work.

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