Model 152 PSU dummy loads - Re: NeXT Cube - powers on briefly then off again

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Mon Oct 26 10:09:27 CDT 2015

> On Oct 26, 2015, at 11:02 AM, Dale H. Cook <radiotest at> wrote:
> At 10:45 AM 10/26/2015, Jerry Weiss wrote:
>> Water in the dummy load?      Water cooled - sure.  Water immersed?  Even though I see it posted on the web, i have may doubts it would be a stable method.
> I concur. Tap water may have contaminants (such as chlorine) that will cause electrical leakage.

Sure, but so what?  A dummy load is supposed to have electrical leakage.  All that water contamination would do is reduce the effective resistance of your load by a hair.

If you used seawater, it might make a difference that matters, but tap water even in NYC?  No.


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