Model 152 PSU dummy loads - Re: NeXT Cube - powers on briefly then off again

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Mon Oct 26 09:45:44 CDT 2015

Water in the dummy load?      Water cooled - sure.  Water immersed?  Even though I see it posted on the web, i have may doubts it would be a stable method.

Oil  is the usual medium here.     Excluding of course the pre-1980 transformer oils that were notorious for having contaminated PCB’s within or anything with flammability at working temperatures.

Jerry Weiss

> On Oct 26, 2015, at 9:27 AM, Paul Koning <paulkoning at> wrote:
>> On Oct 26, 2015, at 9:43 AM, Toby Thain <toby at> wrote:
>> On 2015-10-26 1:02 AM, Brian Archer wrote:
>>> Even a 10W resistor will get really hot. I embed two 5W resistors into a
>>> pentium class CPU cooler for a good compromise on space/thermal concerns.
> My favorite low tech dummy load is the one my father came up with: a couple of resistors (carbon composite is best, carbon film or metal film will do), 1-2 watt size, in a jar filled with water.  Works just fine for 100 watts or so, and is useable not just for power supplies but for HF transmitter testing.
> 	paul

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