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Sun Oct 25 22:37:24 CDT 2015

Hello Noel
          Yes  Console and if my memory serves me well (which it usually 
doesn't) programmers console.
Who's doing the PDP-8 switches?


On 25/10/15 22:33, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Rod Smallwood
>      > Just refresh my memory. C+K are the what I would call PDP8 type?
> No, the C+K are the lever toggle switches, as used in the -11/05/40/45/70.
> Only the /20 uses the slide switches like the -8.
>      > In an attempt to get ahead of the requests I have been trawling the web
>      > for pictures of anything DEC that has a front panel.
> Well, if you're ready for more, I'll start sending you the info for the
> UNIBUS disk controller indicator panels (RF11, RK11-C, RP11-C), then! :-)
>      > It would seem you are Mr Switches and I am Panel Man. !!
> You're definitely panels; I'm probably only going to do the toggle switches
> (if the ones I've found are the right ones). I think someone else has the
> slide switches under control?
> BTW, the terminology for the various display parts is a bit confusing, so let
> me lay out what I gather to be the official DEC terminology.
> For the "indicator panels" - which is the term for the complete assembly (for
> the RF11, RK11-C and RP11-C), the flat sheet of plastic with all the light
> captions silk-screened onto it on it seems to be the "inlay" (q.v. RF11
> controller engineering drawings, pg. 187 of the PDF). The "bezel" is the thin
> white rim that goes around the 'inlay'. The formal name for the light shield
> (the piece of fibre-board with all the holes drilled in it) is 'Benelex'
> (Benelex is "general use, word fibre board"). Alas, it's no longer available,
> so any new light shields will have to use something else.
> For the PDP-11 front consoles, BTW, the terms are "bezel", "console panel"
> (the piece that is called the 'inlay' on the indicator panels), and "console
> PC board" (all this per the 11/45, /50, /55 System Maintainence Manual,
> EK-11045-MM-007, pp. 131-132 of the PDF).
> 	Noel

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