The Internet & our hobby

Ken Seefried seefriek at
Sun Oct 25 21:06:29 CDT 2015

From: Chuck Guzis <cclist at>
>Early internet systems--I'm not sure where to draw the line between
>Usenet, ARPANet and Internet exactly often employed nothing more than
>POTS networking, using nothing more than UUCP or similar methods.

We were quite certain our Datakit X.25 network was on the Internet
(late-80s/early-90s AT&T).  Email/Netnews/File transfer all worked,
though the addressing gyrations that were occasionally required were
fairly demented.

When we did NSFnet at Gatech, there was always some tweak to take into
account some "Internet" peer someone desperately needed to talk to
that was really a gateway into some baroque non-IP network. It was a
more diverse time, with BITNET, DECNet & other OSI-ish protos, and
SNA/APPN common.  I became quite adept at sendmail ".cf" files.  Good

>I do miss the web-less Internet in some respects. >People were more polite back then--at least in their >written communication.

You apparently ran on a very different early Internet than I did.


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