Substituting DSHD for DSDD disks (or DS2D if you prefer)

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Oct 25 15:36:06 CDT 2015

On Sun, 25 Oct 2015, Eric Christopherson wrote:
> Actually, in many areas of the US, they had local dialup numbers that
> connected to their service through Tymnet and/or Telenet, so long
> distance didn't apply. Maybe in rural areas those access points were
> still long distance, though. But AOL itself had per-minute premium rates
> for quite a while.

3 years ago, when I stayed at my mother's house taking care of her, it 
took me a month to find out that she did not have unlimited local calling!
Adding DSL on the phone account reduced the phone bill a lot.

That house is now mine.  AT&T DSL here sucks.

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