Quantum Link (Q-Link)

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sun Oct 25 14:56:00 CDT 2015

I received the email below, thought I'd pass it on...
Dear J West,

I am writing to inform you about an article I have created about Quantum
Link, an online service that was available in the US & Canada from 1985 to


Quantum Link, originally available on the Commodore 64 computer, offered and
pioneered many of the features we are used to having on the modern internet,
such as e-mail, instant messagaing, shopping and chat rooms - to name a few.

Quantum Link also featured the ground breaking game Habitat by Lucasfilm's,
the first graphical massively multiplayer online game.

Q-Link was also made available on Apple & IBM compatible PCs from 1988.

I was wondering if you could add a link from your website (classiccmp.org)
to the piece to help spread knowledge of the influential, but now largely
forgotten, Quantum Link service. The article has proven popular on social
media, and I thought that it would be of interest to your readers. Any
mention you could make on social media would also be fantastic.

Any corrections, feedback or comments you may have on the piece would be
greatly appreciated, either by email or via the comments form on the webpage

Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards
David Wilding

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