Oddball question: really small terminals

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sun Oct 25 14:27:13 CDT 2015

> > > For reasons too abstruse to explain in detail I'm on the lookout for
> > > terminals that are, physically, really small - especially serial and
> > > coax 3270, and possibly twinax 5250.
>> How small is "really small"? IBM made a terminal with a 5" screen for the 4704 banking systems. http://frente-cajas.blogspot.com/

On Sun, 25 Oct 2015, Mike Ross wrote:
> 5" might be a bit small even for me! The 9" version looks pretty close
> to that kind of thing I have in mind except:

5" was not the smallest, and there were several, even luggable, machines 
that used it  (earliest Osborn, Otrona, Elcompco, etc.)

> Small computers running DOS aren't what I had in mind,

Can you explain what your objection is?
In what qualitative or quantitative way is a DOS computer running terminal 
software fundamentally different from a terminal that did not also have 
general purpose capabilities?  A DOS machine can be setup to run the 
program on startup - in the case of HP95, Poqet, and portfolio, the
memory cards gave you close to the same speed to boot and run the 
software as a dedicated machine.

> neither are  single line displays :-)

BUT, it would have helped if you were to say what you are doing and what 
you WANT, instead of just rejecting systems that are not what you want.
We'd waste less of your time.

"physically really small" means different things to different people. 
It could mean that a pocket computer is the upper limit (I have used a 
CCTV viewfinder as a monitor),  or it could mean that you want ADM3A 
(iMac prototype?) V IBM 3270 terminals.
What does "really small" mean to YOU?

> My *ideal* device would be something like a 10" or 12" LCD panel with
> terminal logic built-in: power connector, 3270 or serial port, and a
> PS/2 or USB keyboard port. A terminal you can hang on the wall. Cable
> it up, hang it on the wall, away you go... if I can find something
> along those lines I'll take a dozen :)

OK, that's much closer to a description!
Howzbout: Connectbot running on an Android tablet?
Do you want the keyboard to remain attached?   (unfold a Sony Vaio, or any 
small laptop)

Or only use the keyboard for setup and maintenance/reconfiguration?
(back to tablet)
What are your keyboard requirements?  IBM "M", Palm thumbpad, "virtual 
keyboard" with touchscreen?

Your desire for COLOR throws a serious crimp in many/most dedicated 
terminals, and points more towards "thin client" or dedicating a general 
purpose machine.

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