PROMs and EPROMs, specifically 2332/2532/2732

tony duell ard at
Sun Oct 25 02:27:00 CDT 2015

> Further digging into available eproms that the programmer can read reveals
> it CAN read 2532s, specifically the MCM2532 which the datasheet tells me has
> the same pinout as the 2332. I still get "reverse insertion error" so I'm
> guessing my PROMs are toast.

As others have said, normally when putting a smaller chip into a programmer
with a bigger socket you keep the 'bottom row' of pins -- including ground --
in the same position for all chips. A look at the pinouts will show why. But as 
you can read 2716s that's not the problem.

Often 'reverse insertion error' means the chip drew the wrong supply current --
often far too much. Which does suggest your ROMs  are dead :-(


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