Oddball question: really small terminals

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On Sun, Oct 25, 2015 at 4:10 PM, Cindy Croxton <sales at elecplus.com> wrote:
> How small is "really small"? IBM made a terminal with a 5" screen for the 4704 banking systems. http://frente-cajas.blogspot.com/
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> Subject: Oddball question: really small terminals
> For reasons too abstruse to explain in detail I'm on the lookout for
> terminals that are, physically, really small - especially serial and
> coax 3270, and possibly twinax 5250.

5" might be a bit small even for me! The 9" version looks pretty close
to that kind of thing I have in mind except:

1. The 9" unit is just the display; the terminal logic itself is
another box, just as big.
2. It's a 4700 series system, which AFAIK uses its own strange
protocols; it's not 3270 or VT100 compatible or ANSI serial.

But on the right lines... thanks!

Small computers running DOS aren't what I had in mind, neither are
single line displays :-)

This is along the right lines, although it's a TCP/IP network device
without serial or 3270 ports for direct connection, and it doesn't
have a screen:


The 3488 was the IBM 'terminal in a pizza box I was thinking of:


But's it's Twinax; can anyone remember the number of the coax 3270 equivalent??

My *ideal* device would be something like a 10" or 12" LCD panel with
terminal logic built-in: power connector, 3270 or serial port, and a
PS/2 or USB keyboard port. A terminal you can hang on the wall. Cable
it up, hang it on the wall, away you go... if I can find something
along those lines I'll take a dozen :)



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