PROMs and EPROMs, specifically 2332/2532/2732

Adrian Graham witchy at
Sat Oct 24 07:43:47 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

PET4032 repair continues with all ROMs, video RAM and dodgy sockets removed
thanks to a hot air gun. Holes cleaned and I have new turned pin sockets for
everything I've removed which I'll be fitting this afternoon.

Since the ROMs came out OK I'm trying to dump them using my Pinmaster48
programmer, being from the 90s it doesn't read 2332/2532 PROMs but it WILL
read a lot of variants of 2732 so I've made an adapter as found thanks to
google and USENET:

2332 pin 18 to 2732 pin 21 (A11)
2332 pin 20 to 2732 pin 18 (Chip enable/Power Down)
2332 pin 21 to 2732 pins 20 and 24 via diodes with banding at the 2332 end
(2332 Vpp)

Wiring checks out and the diodes are aligned correctly so pins 20 and 24
don't interfere with each other, however the pinmaster continually gives me
"continuity error on pin 20"

Have I goofed somewhere?


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