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Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Oct 23 15:36:06 CDT 2015

>>> started early.  'course in our day, we were much more
>>> polite in how we flamed
>> Emacs?  You _MUST_ be kidding.
On Fri, 23 Oct 2015, geneb wrote:
> WordStar.  Non-document mode.

Did you really think that that was better than Electric Pencil?

My very first inspiration for writing XenoCopy was ads for Michael 
Shrayer's program to convert files from Electric Pencil disks to CP/M 
disks.  I never saw or used it, but the idea that files COULD BE converted 
between incompatible disk formats, . . .
Until August 1981, my development efforts were on TRS80.

TRS80 version was a welcome surprise, and then Pennington's PC version was 
a shock, but much too late.

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