Retro Reproduction.

Jay West jwest at
Fri Oct 23 15:14:26 CDT 2015

Vince wrote...
In addition, the pivot heads seem to have been spread with some sort of heat process, so it is virtually impossible to remove the handle without breaking off the pivots.

I should point out... so far I've had about six or eight switch covers on various eclipse machines that were broken. In every single case, it wasn't the pivot "pin" itself that was broken. Rather, the whole pin and a millimeter or so of the surrounding area that the pin is attached to is what breaks off. Basically, the tip of the lobe that has the pin on it.

Vince - what I have had good success with is releasing one side (pin out of the head), and while holding it very slightly angled using an electronics pick (very much like a dental pick, but it doesn't get wide just past the tip) and with that I can easily reach in-between the switches to release the other side.


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