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On 10/23/15 12:55, Jay West wrote:

> I disagree with Christian on one point... those side pins are 
> *every bit* as fragile as the dec ones.

Maybe it's an aging thing?  In the space of a decade with S/130s,
S/200s, S/230s, C330s and an honest-to-%deity M/600 I never saw a
switch break -- save when someone borked it when physically moving a
machine.  My Nova 3s are still limping along on what I suspect are the
same switches that they had when they left the factory (and boy are
they ugly -- who thought up the Nova 3 color scheme?)

The funny thing is that I *really* prefer the switches on the
Nova/Nova 8xx/Nova 12xx family -- when you needed to clear the switch
register you could just swipe left to right with the back of your
index finger.  Didn't take long to learn not to do that with the
switches on the Eclipses :P

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