Retro Reproduction.

Jay West jwest at
Fri Oct 23 14:55:34 CDT 2015

Ethan wrote...
> Do the DG handles have the same problems as DEC switch handles?
> (fragile pivots that break off)

To which Christian replied...
Only the 16-bit Eclipse family, and they're really not that fragile -- you sort of have to work to break them.

Ethan - Yes. They have the exact same "pins" on each side of the plastic that break off pretty easily. I believe the DG handles on the nova 3, and Eclipse S/130 (and similar models) are virtually identical to some DEC switch handle. I bet they would fit on the identical CK switches we've been discussing... I know it's not the /40 style nor the 8 style. I'll do some digging.

I disagree with Christian on one point... those side pins are *every bit* as fragile as the dec ones.

Pictures of the DG S/130 switches (which are the same as the DG S/200 switches, and same as the Nova 3 {except color}) are at:


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