The Internet & our hobby

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Oct 23 12:43:53 CDT 2015

    > From: Fred Cisin

    > It was inevitable that eventually there would be movementS towards
    > standardization of protocols on the arpanet. 

Actually, TCP/IP grew out of the desire to interconnect two very different
kinds of network - the ARPANET, and something called the Packet Radio Network
(and also a thing called SatNet). The technical details of each were such
that it just wouldn't be feasible to extend the ARPANET protocols to work on
them too, they were fundamentally different (I'm not talking about low level
things like packet size, but higher-level concepts, like reliability, etc);
something new was required - and TCP/IP looks _very_ little like the

    > From: Chuck Guzis

    > I do miss the web-less Internet in some respects. People were more
    > polite back then--at least in their written communication.

I snorted and started coughing when I read that! :-) Usenet had massive flame
wars long before the Web existed!


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