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Richard Loken richardlo at
Fri Oct 23 11:32:14 CDT 2015

On Thu, 22 Oct 2015, Brad wrote:

> Wasn't sure if it was two units?  The first couple of pics look different.
> Anyway, if I understood correctly, it was possible (and possibly done in the
> 1970s by hobbyists) to convert one of these baudot teletypes to ASCII and

I have two model 28s: an RO and an ASR.  The 28 and and earlier machines
are, of course, baudot machines which used five level tape instead of the
wider eight level tapes used in the 33 and later machines.  They are both
floor consoles and completely self contained in one unit - this is in
contrast to the model 19 for instance that had, as far as I recall, a few
separate modules that sat on an accessory table.

The model 28 ASR in my possession is one immense and very heavy console unit
containing the printer, the keyboard, tape reader/writer, power supplies
etc.  It is absolutely lovely and absolutely not the machine I want to use
to talk to a pdp8 or what have you.  If you want a bullet proof teletype
console that weighs as much as you do, go find a model 37.

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