Retro Reproduction.

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Oct 23 10:36:06 CDT 2015

Hello Jay
               OK  as a start please send the following:

         1  A photo taken looking square on in the middle of the panel.
         2. In the unlikely event that the panel can be simply removed 
then a scan is better (no spherical distortion)
             (If your scanner is too small take two half scans and bolt 
them together)
         3. Measurements  where possible.

Just a quick comment. In addition to getting panels made
I'm also recreating the original masters from which they would have been 
Silk screening is world wide. Have a look at your tee shirt collection.
I'm no artist but technical drawing I really enjoy.

So all requests for reproductions of flat perspex panels this way please.

Rod Smallwood

On 23/10/15 16:11, Jay West wrote:
> Rod;
> It's not just the dec folks. I have a DG box that I'd REALLY like to get a new (plexiglass, but thinner and more flexible) panel done for. I'd imagine it's silkscreening....
> And I know of at least one other DG person looking for the same...
> J

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