Retro Reproduction.

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Oct 23 09:58:53 CDT 2015

Hi Guys
               We seem to have a bit of a rush on to do reproductions of 
mainly digital front panels, bezels and switches.
Before we all run round and go through the same learning curve perhaps 
we can pool our knowledge and
and allocate getting different parts sourced/made to different people.

I am now up to speed on the perspex panels for all models they were 
actually used on, from pdp8 up to 11/70.
I also have a proven production system. No fancy machines just perspex 
(plexiglas) blanks and silk screen process
as per the the originals.

So who wants to do

         1. Bezels
         2. Lever keys (pdp8 type and PDP11 type )
         3. Key/lamp pcbs (connect as replacements to original systems 
or to microprocessors)
         4. Micro processor and custom software to drive the above.
             ( Suggest Rainbow Pi as Its low cost and is known to run 
the right simulations)

I can quite understand somebody wanting to do the whole process themselves.
However not everybody  who would like a nice full size 8 or 11 
functional front panel has the time, knowledge
or access to the right resources to do it.

I shall now go and hide behind my six foot / nineteen inch main rack in 
case of heavy flack

Rod Smallwood

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