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On 2015-10-23 02:54, Murray McCullough wrote:
> 43 years ago around this time the Internet we use to communicate with
> was probably made possible because of TCP/IP, or Transmission Control
> Protocol/Internet Protocol created at Stanford University. Today 3
> billion people are on the net but really made it possible for this
> extravagant number was the microcomputer created at around the same
> time – the Micral in France and 4004 processor machines in the U.S.
> Our hobby supported through this web site keeps this history alive.
> Hurrah!
> Happy computing.
> Murray  :)
> PS  This week marks the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of
> General Relativity though published in 1916 according to Wikipedia.

Just thought I'd point out that the switch to TCP/IP only happened in 
1982-1983. So while the "internet" (well, ARPANET actually) existed 
before then, it was not TCP/IP based.

So it is incorrect to say that TCP/IP came about 43 years ago. Nor am I 
sure if Stanford should get all the credit for it.

See RFC 801 to start with...


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