KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Fri Oct 23 04:26:52 CDT 2015

>> But a 11/70 replica needs two physical 'cosmetic elements': proper 
>> switches, and the white bezel/frame. The switches *seem* to be feasible 
>> to produce cheaply (I will know in a month with PDP-8/I switches...). The 
>> white bezel though brings me into unknown territory. 3D CAD (based on 
>> Museum Measurements), then injection molding or vacuum forming. Or any 
>> technique to produce a plastic object in medium quantities. All I know so 
>> far is that it's very feasible - and much cheaper to do than just a few 
>> years ago.

    Jumping on the metro (since I'm so young) running:

    Can't it be 3D printed? Or done with vacuum forming? Resin molding?

    Are you talking the white bezel on this photo?

    It can be done easily:

    - You can do it in a 3D prusa-something printer, if you divide it in 
printable blocks, and glue it afterwards.
    - You can easily do that in Vacuum Forming. Since I never saw a 11/70 in 
front of me, I don't know the size/hardness requeirements, but I believe it 
is feasible
    - You can create a cast mold in some material and use liquid resin 
(epoxy comes to mind since it doesn't shrink/expand on cure). Probably it 
would need a two-part positive/negative mold. Easily done if I had the 
original part on hand
    - I haven't seen all the details, but I believe it can be 3D-cut into a 
suitable CNC machine, in wood or plastic. 

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