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Subject: Re: 360 mockups Re: Has anyone hear of the Computer History Archives Project?
From:    "Peter Coghlan" <cctalk at beyondthepale.ie>
Date:    Thu, October 22, 2015 9:14 pm
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> Steve wrote:
>> (By the way - I'm looking for a red INTERRUPT insert, red STOP insert and
>> pearl POWER ON insert for my 360/40 console, if anyone can help :)
> Is this for a mockup or a real 360/40 console?
> Regards,
> Peter Coghlan

Oh, it's quite real :)  I have some ideas on machining the inserts from blocks
of ABS plastic, incuding the curved depression on the front. I have some red ABS that is
the right colour but not thick enough so I'll pay another visit to the plastics shop to
get something more suitable. Just another of my gunnadoos...

A lot of consoles are mounted on the wall or in a wooden frame, which is ok but doesn't
excite me very much. So....
My display concept is to replicate the front of the 2040 CPU to approx 100mm depth, using
a welded steel frame and painted wood or folded sheetmetal sides. The masthead to go on
top (I have derived the measurements of the screw posts in CAD, another machining job).
The frame supports the console and the operator table.

I've cut a replica of the 2040 operator's table from a large white Laminex benchtop
using the measurements from page 40 of GC22-6820-12 System 360 Installation Manual
Physical Planning. That doesn't give the table thickness so I derived it in CAD from
some period photos, and my table is close (and didn't cost me anything as it was being
thrown out at work!).

I've almost finished replicating the iconic Eames PSCC-4 secretary's shell chair seen in
many, many 360 machine rooms (and the 360 SLT video discussed here) using an original
Eames base/castors with an ABS replica shell. Would you believe the modern shell's screw
holes align perfectly with the original base!. A real PSCC-4 is > $700 USD on eBay but
mine is working aout about $120 USD with a lot of that being postage from the US.
With the originals it's the fibreglass shell that's the pricey bit, the bases are much
cheaper. I have drawn the cushions in CAD from photos but have yet to make them, most
likely in some lurid red vinyl to give it that 60s/70s look.
BTW I've also seen the PSCC-4 chair appear in 370, DEC, Teletype photos, and a variant
in a Bendix G15 advertisement.

I would like to get a few square metres of vintage raised floor tiles, but have not had
much luck here in Oz. That's something that would be prohibitively expensive to import.
No ideas yet on how to replicate them but couldn't be too hard.

Then all I need is the 1052 hahahahahahahaha   I did have an MTST I/O writer long ago but
that has been lost in moving aaaarrrgggh :(  Anyway I have ideas for that too.

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