KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

Oscar Vermeulen oscar.vermeulen at
Wed Oct 21 17:00:56 CDT 2015


>> Oscar is already working on another very promising product.
>> [..]He will
also pay a visit to my "museum" to take a few measurements.
Sorry, can't say more
>> I'll leave that up to Oscar. Perhaps he
want to stay "below the radar" until that project is finished ...

Thanks for the kind words on my strange replica mania! We all need to do silly things at some point in our lives.

No secret... I'd love to do an "Open Source Hardware" PDP-11/70 replica (or remake - whatever choice of words is preferred). Electronically, it would a simple variation on the PiDP-8 (i.e., simh brains on a Raspberry Pi, hiding behind a front panel PCB). It's just a different emulator from the simh stable with less LEDs.

But a 11/70 replica needs two physical 'cosmetic elements': proper switches, and the white bezel/frame. The switches *seem* to be feasible to produce cheaply (I will know in a month with PDP-8/I switches...). The white bezel though brings me into unknown territory. 3D CAD (based on Museum Measurements), then injection molding or vacuum forming. Or any technique to produce a plastic object in medium quantities. All I know so far is that it's very feasible - and much cheaper to do than just a few years ago.

If anyone here *does* have know-how in this field, I'd love any advice. I got some preliminary quotes and recommendations on making a case replica using vacuum forming. Which is relatively cheap. Not perfect, but low cost is very important for such a gadget.

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