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Subject: Re: Has anyone hear of the Computer History Archives Project?
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Date:    Wed, October 21, 2015 12:34 pm
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> On 10/20/2015 05:39 PM, Chris Elmquist wrote:
> I watched the IBM 360 one (17 minutes) it had some GREAT
> pictures of making SLT modules and core planes.
> They had a machine in the pictures that I didn't recognize.
> It had a black front panel and a long row of address dials,
> no switches. It might have been a stripped-down version of
> what eventually became the 360/22, /25, or maybe /30, but it
> didn't seem to really just be a version of one of those just
> in black.  The same machine is shown a number of times at
> the end of the video.  Anybody know?
> Jon

Great film. I'm sure there are a few mockups in there. For instance,
towards the end at 17:23 there is a mockup of a console with a slim
white/black masthead.
I have a high-res copy of that photo, and here is a the lower right
corner detail enlarged:

You can see a chip out of the console panel that looks like particle
board, and there are no cutouts for the button 'inserts' - they appear
glued on.

(By the way - I'm looking for a red INTERRUPT insert, red STOP insert and
pearl POWER ON insert for my 360/40 console, if anyone can help :)


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