Firing up old printers

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Tue Oct 20 18:18:30 CDT 2015

I thought Fedron was the go-to solvent for the printing / ink industry?
It's also used to clean rubber parts, iirc.

Interesting point about the single-side vs. trad. cloth ribbons. I'm using
a cheap-o replacement in my Panasonic "Quiet" Color KXT 24-pin (NLQ). I
don't recall what ribbon was in it when it arrived, other than it was
totally shot. I only use black ribbons, the color are no use to me - and
terribly expensive.

It's an excellent printer, as nice as any I have ever used or owned, and
very compatible with the popular C-64 interfaces. Are we really cruisin'
for a brusin' using cheap ribbons in this machine? Fwiw, it sees little,
but occasional use - not sure if that's good or bad! ;-)


On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 5:18 PM, Stefan Skoglund (lokal <
stefan.skoglund at> wrote:

> tis 2015-10-20 klockan 19:52 +0000 skrev tony duell:
> >
> > Sanders 12/7 and 700 printheads are quite easy to take apart (but
> > keep the
> > pin/armature assemblies in order).
> >
> > Other than those, I wouldn't strip any of them!
> >
> > Maybe clean the face with propan-2-ol and then soak that end in the
> > same solvent to
> > remove any residual ink..
> Old Epson fx-80 ?
> (I do have a Digital wide carriage one , matched to a DEC 380 Pro.)

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