Announcing TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Tue Oct 20 12:08:20 CDT 2015

About four months since I last announced anything. There have been 
various development since, and I figured I should encourage people who 
are using BQTCP/IP for RSX to upgrade to the latest release.

A short list of changes:

. Small bugfixes in various states.
. Bugfix in window handling. TCP reception could occasionally accept 
data outside of window.
. Added ability to dynamically change transmit and receive buffer size.
. Bugfix. SYN packets could result in lost pool if sockets were closed 
with outstanding SYN packets queued.
. Bugfix. If pool is full, system could crash on incoming connections.

. Added SUMMARY, PROMPT, MGET and MPUT commands.
. Improved filename parsing and handling for mapping between local and 
remote filenames.
. Bugfix. FTP would abort if a long file transfer took place, since the 
command channel had a timeout.
. Much improved progress line for file transfers, including ETA and 
delta between updates.

. Bugfix. If a file transfer was followed by an immediate close of the 
connection, the file could be left in a locked state.
. Expanded time stamp information in directory listings to include seconds.

. Bugfix in telnet options processing.

. Bugfix in telnet options processing.

. Added commands for setting default and maximum allowed tcp transmit 
and receive buffer sizes.

. Added information on task page about UDP connections.

. Added /NUMERIC switch

As usual, the distribution is available from:

The documentation is also available through ftp on Mim, or also at

I believe the state of the code is now good enough that I expect there 
will be fewer updates to the basic networking drivers in the future. I 
plan to find some new protocols to work on next, and also improve some 
of the current clients and servers as the need arises.

(On a different note, Madame.Update.UU.SE is now a CNAME for 
Mim.Update.UU.SE, making the naming of the machine consistent between 
DECnet and TCP/IP, in case someone wonders why the name have changed...)


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