VT100 and/or VT105 rescued from scrap

Lukas Kaminski lukas.kaminski at krankikom.de
Tue Oct 20 11:11:48 CDT 2015

Hello list,

i got hands on several VT100 and VT105 parts. It SEEMS (at least to me)
to be one complete terminal without a power supply and some additional
parts. I took pictures of everything, which can be seen here:
(sorry for the self-signed certificate)

I already found this interesting page:
https://github.com/bbenchoff/VT100Adapter, so i guess i have everything
to try to repair the VT100.

But i never tried something like that, and i fear to break something as
soon i connect anything to power.

How should i start? I especially don't know how to clean the boards,
check the eproms and i'm afraid that the CRT is broken, since it has a
sticky fluid on it.


Lukas Kaminski

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