Archeological dig, update Sun 4/260

jwsmobile jws at
Mon Oct 19 14:43:45 CDT 2015

Word comes in that there is a number of "cartons" of Sun 4 and HP QIC 
tapes in the pile, which I'm hoping may be install media.  Bad news is 
that it is QIC and in the place it is in.  Good news is that it surfaced 
at all.

I will see if Al or someone can image them if they are of interest. The 
HP tapes may just be brand names and not software, unknown at this 
time.  Also there are some half inch 9 and 7 track tapes in the pile.

The dig also turned up Sunsoft manual sets, which are promising as far 
as the 4/260 is concerned.  Suggests that the software and manuals are 
for that system and not another.

Once I get an inventory of the tapes, I'd appreciate any updates as to 
whether they are already imaged and saved somewhere.


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