ADVENT on TSX-Plus system?

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Mon Oct 19 12:04:03 CDT 2015

My reply didn’t show up for some reason... resubmitting:

It should directly in TSX-Plus .   Make sure your current memory limit is 
See below for my attempt. BTW TSX should only use RT11 to “boot”.
TSX doesn’t run over RT11SJ in this version.  TSX replaces all the OS code.

.sh memory
Current job memory limit = 56Kb
Maximum job memory limit = 64Kb

.sh ver
.run advent


It turns out I have (at least the pack that’s in the drive) TSX-Plus 6.16, 
not 6.50.
But ADVENT does work now. I have to admit to “operator error”

The bootable XM pack is currently in drive 0, and the bootable SJ pack with 
TSX-Plus is in drive 1.
Somehow I’d forgotten to copy one of the ADVENT files from one pack to the 
other. So when I rebooted from DL1: it couldn’t find ADVTXT and crashed!

Anyhow it does now run (on both the console and the other time-sharing 
terminal). Thanks for the information, though.


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