Atari Unix

ethan at ethan at
Sun Oct 18 15:19:00 CDT 2015

>>> I have a TT030 and actually was just looking at it last night. It has
>>> a VME slot (as they call it) that has a dual serial port board
>>> installed. I think it has a modem port.
> That is an AppleTalk port.

Nope. My TT030 has 2 modem ports (RS232), then 2 more serial ports via VME 
card. The appletalk looking thing is on the side:

Before it was given to me, I had heard there was a 5 terminal unix 
something or other for the 030 and they used the 4 ports to drive 
termianls. It was random, most of my Atari ST stuff is a long term loan 
from a friend that knows I tinker with them. All of his Atari ST equipment 
is probably from NASA surplus auction.

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