Opening a DECserver 90M External PSU

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Sun Oct 18 13:10:03 CDT 2015

> I had another go today, but I fail to see how you managed to pry this thing
> apart without causing much more damage than appears in your photo. What kind
> of tool did you use?

Stuff sometimes looks better in a photo than it does in real life.  There are
all sorts of nicks and gouges and the two halves don't mate up anything like
as well as they originally did.

It's a long time since I originally opened it so I don't remember exactly what
I used.  Probably jewellers screwdrivers initially, slightly larger flat-bladed
screwdrivers, pen knife, an old scissors, blunt old cutlery knives, that sort of
thing.  Unfortunately, there is a small step at the seam so it is not really
possible to cut along it with a sharp blade without cutting through part of the
case too.  Also, the glue seemed to be nearly as hard as the case material and
that didn't help either.

I do remember that it was very difficult to open and took a long time over more
than one sitting.  I think I managed to get started in a few locations but even
after freeing both ends completely, it still would not budge until I managed to
break it all the way along one of the long sides as well.  I recall making very
slow but visible progress along one side or end for a while but eventually I
would come to a point where I could not seem to get any further and I would
have to start again at a different location.  Before I got to that point, I
tried the slamming it onto concrete trick as well but that made no impression
on it except it probably contributed to the broken track that manifested later.

Peter Coghlan.

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