Data General NOVA 4/C help

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Sun Oct 18 13:32:12 CDT 2015

Thanks Jay and Rod,

you gave me a lot of pointers to check. I agree that getting
a console working is on top of the todo list. However, I better
put on old clothes for next Saturday. I want to have at least
a look at the head lock and shipping bracket, but do not want
to remove the disk out of the rack again. Although I can lift
it on my own, I did feel my back that evening :-/
So, it will be sliding out the drive and then crawl under it,
laying on the floor removing the bottom cover ...

Haven't thought about looking in the eclipse folder on bitsavers!
Gonna look for that Virtual Console. The papers that came with
the system tell about a single letter to start the application,
not xxxxxL, so there might be a console ROM.
I can probe the header pins on the "multiplexer" paddle board
to which the terminal connects with a "BERG" header. There are
just 3 wires, so that must be RxD, TxD and GND.

- Henk

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