Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Fri Oct 16 17:25:26 CDT 2015

> While I was fooling around with my ASCI I decided to test the serial
> connection to my PC.  The only thing I had available was my CT-1024 terminal
> with the optional serial board.  This unit never worked when I got it.
> Thought it was its ancient and probably non functional PSU, but after
> hooking it up to a bench PSU same issues:
> 1)      Unstable video display with large whitish band in the middle.

Could there be a bad smoothing or decoupling capacitor on a power line derived
somewhere within the unit itself, maybe a one to two hundred or so volt supply 
to the video output stage coming from the horizontal output stage?

(I've no experince of this terminal so this is just a shot in the dark.)

Peter Coghlan.

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