Writing SCSI 9-Track Mag Tapes from Windows/DOS

Joe fast79ta at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 16 13:30:25 CDT 2015

Very cool..

I have the same or very similar HP 88780 that I grabbed from a local
recycler for $5, I just don't have any tapes for it yet. That autoload cycle
is quite the thing.

Amazing you got all that gear working on a modern laptop. Set up your own
data center with all those goodies. 

I might be bugging you for help with the 88780 when I get that far down the
TO-DO list.

Cheers, Joe

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> Woot! I finally got my HP 7970E (yeah, a year in the making!), HP 88780,
> Overland Data OD3201 9-track tapes all working at the same time. One on
> IB, one on SCSI-1, and one on Parallel Port interface. Only my ever
> Qualstars got jealous and decided not to play ball. Here is a family
> video:
> https://youtu.be/eCBxNhEzIfc
> The DOS computer is a vintage Dolch PAC 65.
> Thanks for all here who helped with tips, documentation and software.
> Marc

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