Anyone know of Sun Voyager bag reading 9 track tapes?

ethan at ethan at
Fri Oct 16 12:25:22 CDT 2015

> A nine track drive would certainly not work with an ACARD adapter- they are "intelligent" designed for mass storage. And on top of that the only adapters I know of go the wrong way (IDE devices on a SCSI bus), though I haven't researched the reverse.

Derp yea. Forgot about that. I've only used the ACARD boards in music 
hardware not stand alone computers and forgot the direction.

> I gave Josh Dersch a Xircom USB to SCSI not so long ago and we had no 
> issue getting it to talk to an HP SCSI 9-track tape drive and even 
> streaming music off of it. Linux handles both devices fine- plug and 
> play. I have a Microtech USB to SCSI and it worked similarly although my 
> 9-track streamer is sort of screwed. There's not even a project here. 
> Connect the cables and try it, or forever hold your postulation... ;)

Cool. The USB to SCSI dongles I have are old and unbranded but NetBSD 
picked them up. Back then I think I was trying to use an embedded board, 
so many more options now. I had Pentium1 board with PC/104 sound card.

TBH, I think QIC tapes might be a bit better since you can mount the drive 
in the dash. There are 13GB versions or something so you could get a few 
blu-ray rips on each tape.

Ethan O'Toole

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