The Burroughs B5900 and E-Mode

Alan Perry aperry at
Fri Oct 16 00:24:41 CDT 2015

Thanks for posting this.

Very interesting and it was fun to see names that I have not heard for 
nearly 30 years. (I worked on system software for Burroughs/Unisys from 
86-89.) However, it does have a couple of errors (e.g., Burroughs and 
Sperry merged in 86, not 85).


On 10/14/15 6:33 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
> I don't know if this memoir is well-known or not, but I thought it
> might interest.
> «
> The Burroughs B5900 and E-Mode
>   A bridge to 21st Century Computing
> By Jack Allweiss  Copyright 2010
> My name is Jack A. Allweiss, also known as “The Father of the B5900
> System”.  I did not give myself that title, my friends and co-workers
> at Burroughs Corporation did, and I consider it a great honor.  This
> true story is about the B5900, and why it was an important milestone
> for Burroughs and later Unisys, as well as the computer industry in
> general.
> »

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