Processor card for a HP 9835.

Rik Bos hp-fix at
Fri Oct 16 04:21:50 CDT 2015

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> Onderwerp: Processor card for a HP 9835.
> I am searching for a CPU card for a 9835 to replace the dead processor in my
> 9835A, but a CPU card from a 9845B/C would also be ok.  I would prefer the
> 9835 card as it would be a drop in replacement but with a
> 9845 card I would have to transfer over the CPU module.  The part number on
> the module should be 5061 3001.
> Paul.  phb.hfx at

Hi Paul,

I think I have a HP 9845 board somewhere, but did you checked the connection between the processor and the pcb.
It's made by a combination of polymer with gold wire on it. This is the first time I heard of a bad processor, there is a much higher change of bad connections than of a defective processor.
The connector principle is the same as in the HP-41C from where it's known to cause some trouble.
Let me know the outcome if you're sure it's the processor I'll dive in to my parts stack ;)


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