nut bars? ;)

Sean Caron scaron at
Thu Oct 15 15:53:15 CDT 2015

I love those Nature Valley bars! Dark Chocolate Cherry is my favorite, LOL.

The "speed rails" (with the latching mechanism to grab the holes in square
post racks) we have nowadays are a real advance in data center equipment
deployment. I can stuff almost an entire rack just working myself in maybe
30, 45 minutes ...

I do not miss the days of the screw-threaded racks and all the nuts and
bolts at all (well, save for the neat computers that sat in said racks) ...
what a pain in the butt ... The only time the nuts and bolts really have to
come out nowadays is when racking switches.



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> On Thursday (10/15/2015 at 04:16PM -0400), Dennis Boone wrote:
> >  > Perhaps my google skills are challenged (probably so), but I can't
> >  > find this.
> >
> > It is costing me in ways too vast and indescribable not to give you crap
> > about this terminology. :)
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