Contents of DEC 8" floppies

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Thu Oct 15 17:59:46 CDT 2015

On 15/10/15 21:38, Charles wrote:
> I bought a set of five DEC RX01 8" floppies (for the disks, since I 
> have an RX01 hooked up to my PDP-8/A) but I thought the contents might 
> be of interest to someone before I wipe them.
> They are labeled VAX PSI V3.0 1/5 thru 5/5, (c) 1984. In order they 
> are AS-L154G-BE, AS-L155G-BE, AS-L156G-BE, AS-DC36B-BE, AS-DK35A-BE.
> I did email Al Kossow about archiving but maybe he didn't receive the 
> message.
> Anyhow, if anyone is interested, please contact me off-list. I don't 
> have a VAX so I can't read them.
> Perhaps we can trade for blank SSSD disks?
I'm in the UK so trading probably isn't worth it.

I used to work in the group that produced those (well, wrote the 
software, someone else cut the media, I guess).

I have a set of PSI floppies of roughly that era but mine are RX50s (I 
think: they're in the attic somewhere right now ...).

I don't think I've ever seen PSI software on 8" floppies before.

If you do manage to image them, I'd certainly be interested in a copy.

Antonio Carlini
arcarlini at

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