DG S/130 progress

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Oct 15 13:30:55 CDT 2015

Henk wrote...
Yup, I mounted the 6125 in the top of the rack. The thought indeed did not
occur that you can screw the pin in the metal hinge from the *bottom* side.
I removed the top plastic part with the Data General text (top cover) to get
the clearance space needed to hang the drive on the pins. If you have a
helping hand you can leave the top cover installed. Make sure that the other
guy is holding the drive while *you* screw the pins in :-) Either way, you
have to hang the tape drive on th pins while it is at 90 degrees with the
front of the rack (fully "opened" position).
As I said, it depends on the rack. I have two styles of DG rack. On one of
them, you can mount the tape unit in the very top position by putting the
top hinge pin in from the top. But on the other style of rack, it is not
possible at all unless you put the pin into the hinge from the bottom. The
two racks have slightly different metalwork at the top. I really wanted my
6125 at the very top and found it couldn't be done - then I happened to
notice that in the bottom of the pins there is a hex indentation for an
allen wrench so you CAN screw them in from the bottom :)

Ughh, that's no fun!  If my rack was like that, I would not have noticed
that either. You simply don't expect that, especially because this is not
possible with DEC (or HP) racks. They are either riveted or welded.
It was a silly mistake, I know better, and just didn't pay attention. I was
in too much of a rush to get a rack that was top to bottom that gorgeous
blue color ;) I now have the two front vertical posts flush with the front
all the way up the rack. Now I have to re-adjust all the upper rails/slides
to match, and then the re-racking begins. None of it is THAT much trouble
really, except the 6125 is kind of a bit** to mount ;) Maybe it's just cause
I'm so short lol

Enjoy the disassembly/assembly, a great moment for many pictures :-)
Yeah, it would be... but I'm in a rush to get a rack that is top to bottom
that gorgeous blue color.... *grin*


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