8-sector decpacks?

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> Half density?  I vaguely remember an RK05 style drive at half the density.  RK02?  Or am I mixing it up with RP02 vs. > RP03?
> No, you're right. The RK02 is the low-density drive (actually a Diablo model 30), the RK03 being the high density model. The RK05 has the same
> bit density (heck the same format) as the RK03.
> There was an RK01 I beleive. I forget who made that (it wasn't DEC, if you see what I mean), but I could believe thst was low density too.
> -tony

That seems probable; the major reference I found was this:


Which suggests that the RK02 is 12 or 16-sector; but it could be in error.  (I've verified via DEC peripheral handbooks that, at least on the -11, the RK02 used 12-sector packs.  I haven't yet found a handbook for the 8/I that covers the RK02 -- the one I have on my desk here is from 1972 and only talks about the RK01, so I guess it's a bit too early.  Given the short life of the RK02, it may be tough to find the right one :).

(The RK01 is 16-sector on the 8/I, FWIW.)

- Josh

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