ULTRIX-11 3.1 manuals / help?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 02:02:06 CDT 2015

Hey all --

Anyone have a copy of the ULTRIX-11 3.0 or 3.1 manuals lying around?  
I've got the 11/44 up and running with an SMD disk and a SCSI 9-track 
tape drive and I have ULTRIX-11 3.1 installed.  (Yay!) But there are 
issues (Boo.)

Unfortunately, the "setup" tool (and *what* a tool it is!) doesn't seem 
to be able to access the tape drive to install optional software.  (I 
know it's working -- the files are there in /dev, mt talks to it fine 
and I can dd files off of it no problem).  Of course, in a very un-UNIXy 
move on DEC's part, "setup" is an executable, not a shell script so I 
can't see what the heck it's trying to do.  And in a *very* UNIXy move, 
"setup" provides no actionable diagnostics whatsoever.  It immediately 
fails (having made no attempt to access the drive as far as I can tell) 
and prints "Open of distribution device FAILED: Try again <y or n>?"

I'd like to be able to restore the rest of the optional software and 
whatnot; the files on the tape appear to be tar archives so I can just 
do it manually (and tediously) and I imagine that that's what the setup 
tool does *anyway*, but I'd like to at least *try* to do it the official 
way.  Anyone have any experience here?

Also, having an actual manual would be useful, ULTRIX-11 3.X seems to be 
considerably different than 2.0 (at least in that it has this wonderful 
new "setup" program I'm having so much fun with), which is all I've been 
able to find.

Thanks as always,

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