Decmate Owner's Guide (or equivalent experience)

Robert Ferguson rob at
Wed Oct 14 17:40:47 CDT 2015

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have a electronic copy of the original Decmate Owner’s Guide (AA-K330C-TA) that they could share?

Alternatively, can anyone describe what can be accomplished (if anything) from the initial “Setup” prompt on a VT278 *without* any disks attached?

The situation is that Brent and I are trying to resurrect a Decmate — we’ve plugged in a VT100 keyboard (Thanks, Bill!):

- it boots to the “Setup” prompt with the flashing cursor.  
- the “Power” light on the rear of the unit is steady and the “CPU OK” light is blinking. 
- the keyboard lights indicate “online"
- pressing ‘2’ or ‘PF3’ cause “Setup” to disappear. ‘3’ seems to cause it to perform some self-test like procedure. 
- most keys cause keyclicks, but ‘space’, ‘M’, and ‘/' don’t. With an oscilloscope, we can see data from the keyboard being sent for the “silent” keys, however.

Without disks, what else should we able to do?

Eventually, we’d like to find or construct some solution for mass storage, but we’re still at the point of checking out the VT278 itself. 

Rob Ferguson

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