Fair price and ways to find a teletype

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 07:59:02 CDT 2015

I'll throw my two-cents in as I have a fairly modest collection of
teletypes. A nice feature of the 32/33 is that the tape punch/reader is
built-in, but understand that these were cost-reduced models that can be
fairly finicky to get going and keep running. The issue right now is that
the market for 33's is pretty hot due to computer folks looking to
resurrect their minis, and the buyers usually have deep pockets to match
(just check out completed auctions on ebay).

I've had pretty good success searching out Craigslist for the generic
'teletype', and one in a while one will pop up. If you're willing to drive,
all the better. And if you happen across a model 35 you'll be the envy of
many a collector. This is the 8-level version of the 28 and was designed
for 24/7 service. Absolutely bullet-proof, but you'll need an outboard
punch and reader unless you happen across an ASR model. Check out youtube
for a period video of one in action on the Dartmouth TSS. -C

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 11:25 PM, Brad <unclefalter at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> I've been watching a lot of vintage computer videos put up by enthusiasts
> (thanks so much for that).  I have been really fascinated lately by the
> Altair and teletypes, paper tape readers and so on.  Just watching one
> fellow load BASIC into his Altair. you just felt the history and the
> connection to Bill Gates and all the pioneers of an era that was happening
> just as I was being born.
> I only ever see teletypes for sale on ebay, only in the US, and of course I
> don't bite because of shipping costs, plus usually people ask insane prices
> for them.  I am wondering what a reasonable price should be for a unit with
> a paper tape reader, and any tips on how I might go about finding one
> beyond
> Craigs, etc, up here in Canada.  And anything I should watch out for and so
> on.
> Thanks muchly,
> Brad

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