Fair price and ways to find a teletype

Brad unclefalter at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 13 23:25:55 CDT 2015

I've been watching a lot of vintage computer videos put up by enthusiasts
(thanks so much for that).  I have been really fascinated lately by the
Altair and teletypes, paper tape readers and so on.  Just watching one
fellow load BASIC into his Altair. you just felt the history and the
connection to Bill Gates and all the pioneers of an era that was happening
just as I was being born.


I only ever see teletypes for sale on ebay, only in the US, and of course I
don't bite because of shipping costs, plus usually people ask insane prices
for them.  I am wondering what a reasonable price should be for a unit with
a paper tape reader, and any tips on how I might go about finding one beyond
Craigs, etc, up here in Canada.  And anything I should watch out for and so


Thanks muchly,



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