Anyone have manuals for these peripherals?

Tue Oct 13 18:30:57 CDT 2015

will add it  to my list  as  I go though arrivals   here   Carl.  thx--- 
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I have a  Perkin Elmer VT2222 disk drive (Vanguard I) which due to the 
acquisitions of  the time, was Interdata and became Wangco and Cipher. Looking 
for a manual  especially schematics.

I have an IBM 9347 (9 track tape drive) which  uses IPI-3 for its 
interface. If I can get schematics for the drive (or for  the controller board that 
goes in a 9370 system, I can get work up a  replacement interface. Looking 
for the manuals for drive or  controller.



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