TV Typewriter Cover Unit location?

Brad unclefalter at
Tue Oct 13 13:29:11 CDT 2015

Interesting.  If you're ever inclined to post a photo I would be most
interested.  It would confirm a few theories I have about what Don was using
at the time.  This whole project began in part because I wanted to have one
of these and thought I'd never see one come up for sale, given how hard it
is to find even a picture of an original one online (I think there's a
couple of photos of one built by Mr. Rethemeyer, but that's it).  I'm really
interested in seeing originals and how people executed the plans, on that or
any other of the related Radio Electronics projects.


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On 10/13/2015 10:52 AM, Brad wrote:
> Cool, Jay!  Was your keyboard one of the 40 or so that Don 
> re-assembled and offered?  Or is it still in stock form?

Mine is "original", as ordered from wherever the article said to get them,
back in the 70's.

I think one or two of the round pieces got lost - they were just glued onto
the square block and tend to fall off.

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